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Hillary Starting To Fear Immunity?


In this week’s democratic debate, Hillary did what she has always done when questioned about email investigation; she brushes it off. She didn’t even answer a question about if she would drop out of the race if the was indicted.

Publicly, Hillary Clinton couldn’t care any less about the so called “email scandal”. At least that is what she is saying in public, but it is what her IT specialist and former employee is saying to the FBI has her concerned.

Bryan Pagliano is cooperating with the FBI and now we know after a recent Fox News report, that he is giving them all the details about what was on the server, how it was set up, who had access to it and what devices were connected.

To further add fuel to the fire, Bryan is speaking under total immunity. He worked out a deal with the FBI to give them everything they were asking for, but where he couldn’t be charged.

After all, they don’t want to arrest some young IT guy, they want to finally get Hillary Clinton.

Hillary stood on that debate stage and look America in the eyes and the FBI in the eyes and said she wasn’t going to be indicted. We will see about that.

Each day this email scandal gains momentum. New releases, new statements and more revelations coming from her own staff who happens to have immunity.

Things are not looking good for Hillary. Not only is she having a very hard time securing the nomination from Bernie Sanders, but the email “thing” is going to come to a head.

Soon she will either be able to definitively say the email scandal was not a scandal and is behind her or she will be telling the American people why she lied as she is taken to court.

Either way, we have a presidential candidate, who is the frontrunner of the Democratic party that is being investigated by the FBI. And people are worried about Donald Trump’s hands…


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