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Hillary Is The Nominee! It’s Over. Go Home.


Well… at least in Hillary’s world the primary season in over and Bernie should just go home. That isn’t the case though. It’s not over, and Bernie doesn’t look like he is going anywhere.

Hillary made it clear that there is no way that Bernie can win and he should go home.

“I will be the nominee of the party. It is done,” said the former Secretary.

She seems very confident, but somehow she keeps forgetting about the criminal investigation by the FBI that is going on right now.

She calls the criminal investigation an inquiry, but now thinks that the primaries are done.

Does she forget that the convention is still three months away and between now and then, the FBI could rain on her coronation parade?

She seems to be getting a little too far ahead of herself. She also keeps forgetting about Trump.

A wise old saying says that one should never underestimate their opponent. It seems that Hillary continues to underestimate Bernie and it looks like she is underestimating the tenacity that Trump will attack her with during the next six months.

This race isn’t a done deal Hillary, despite what you say. (As usual.)


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