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Hillary Loses Again, But Sanders Is Crazy For Staying In


Liberal logic reared its ugly head again this week as many Clinton staffers are criticizing Bernie Sanders for not leaving the race on the same day that Bernie beats Hillary in another primary.

This time last year, Hillary and the entire Democratic Party believed that they would have a cake walk to the White House and nothing could stand in the former Secretary’s of State’s way.

Enter Bernie Sanders, the longtime Vermont Senator who happens to be a socialist. Somehow, Bernie is running the campaign and building excitement in a way that Hillary can only dream of. Hillary is really feeling the Bern.

Last night in West Virginia, Bernie took the win and beat Hillary by over 14 percentage points.

Hillary’s problems in West Virginia may have something to do with her comments on coal.

Hillary may have the support of the workers of Facebook and the Department of Justice, but she isn’t drawing crowds like Bernie Sanders.

Bernie’s most recent crowd is very impressive.

Meanwhile the Hillary camp is restricting interviews and access to the press. She is even controlling all the people that go in to “discuss” certain issues. She doesn’t want a repeat of West Virginia.

The establishment wants Hillary to win, but it is clear the people are really chanting for Bernie. This race isn’t over.

Bernie is vowing to stay in, and he should. His opponent is having a hard time winning states and she is under criminal investigation by the FBI.

Bernie has 1,430 delegates to Hillary’s 1,716. It is a close race, but it is the superdelegates who could swing this to Hillary. If that is the case and it goes against what the people want, then the Democratic Party, not the GOP, will be in a tailspin and bitterly divided.

Bernie thinks he can win, and Hillary is having flashbacks of 2008 so anything can happen.

Do you think Bernie has a chance? Let us know in the comments.


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