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Hillary Just Picked A Fight She Can’t Win


If there is one thing that we have learned about Donald Trump during this campaign is that he doesn’t really attack his opponents unless he is attacked first.

Hillary would have been wise to focus on Bernie and wrap up the nomination, but instead she decided to go right after Trump and used his words and the GOP establishment’s sentiments against him.

It is a harsh ad trying to label Trump as a man that is unfit for office. Unfortunately for Hillary, more voters in the GOP’s primary history disagree.

Here is the ad:

It is tough on Trump, but doesn’t say anything that people don’t already know. It is doubtful it will hurt Trump at all, especially after he has weathered the attacks from 16 other candidates.

On the other hand, Hillary took the gloves off and walked into the ring with Trump and it may not be a fight she can win.

Sure the ad she made hits hard, but Donald hits back harder. Can she legitimately survive Donald rehashing everything from Whitewater to the Rose law firm to her husband’s cocaine connections?

There is so much that no GOP candidate has dared to talk about when it comes to the Clintons, but The Donald is not one to shy away. The King of New York is going to hit Hillary with everything he has and by picking a fight too early, Trump may be able to damage Hillary before the last voting primaries, giving Bernie a chance to win.

Hillary made a mistake and we will see something very soon from the Trump campaign to counter.

The one thing that might come out of all of this is that Hillary could be forced to add Bernie Sanders as her VP pick just to get young people to vote Democrat to have a chance to win.

What do you think? Will Hillary beat Donald or did she pick a fight she can’t win? Let us know in the comments by scrolling down this page.


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