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Hillary Clinton Chooses Beyoncé For Vice President?

Vice President

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have time to do a debate in California on Fox News with Bernie Sanders, but she has the time to go on the Ellen Show and pick her vice president.

In a segment on the Ellen Show, Hillary was asked: “who’d you rather” have as a vice president? Hillary then went through and picked the people she liked best.

The list was full of liberal darlings, donors, and pretty faces. The list also included Kanye West.

What was interesting to see who Hillary is fond of. We know that she loves George Clooney for all his fundraising for her, but she really had a sweet spot for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Of course at the end she wasn’t too decisive and she picked Ellen over Michelle Obama. Which is one thing most of us could agree with.

Watch the clip below.

Who should she pick for vice president? Comment below.


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