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Here Comes The Third Shot… How Many More?

If you look closely at your vaccine card, there are a few more spots for boosters. We’ve been told we need to get two shots to get vaccinated, but it looks like a third shot is coming soon.

Pfizer announced that it is developing the third shot now to cover the new delta variant.

Meanwhile the variants keep coming.

Epsilon, Zeta, Lambda… it won’t stop. The variants are looking like they are going to keep coming out.

That is good news for the pharmaceutical companies that can keep generating vaccination boosters and millions of them around the world.

The truth is, we don’t know how many boosters we will need to get.

California’s cases are on the rise again due to the Delta variant, so we might have to get a new booster every six months or so to keep up with the evolving virus.

That is a lot of money heading towards big pharma, and COVID has allowed them to make a revolving door for their cash deliveries.


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