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Harvard Students Crash Conservative Guest Lecture

Harvard University
An education here costs hundreds of thousands of dollars... a fool and their money are soon parted...

Students from Harvard University promised a protest on-campus against a Charles Murray lecture that is scheduled for today.

The program, hosted by the Harvard College Open Campus Initiative (HCOCI) and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), is expecting protests “against white supremacy” by Alt-Left and Antifa college types as the event occurs.

The organizers of the protest hinge their argument on the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has classified professor Charles Murray as a, “white nationalist.” However, it should be noted that the SPLC routinely smears conservatives and anti-Sharia activists as racists. And just recently, the SPLC has started declaring evangelical organizations as hate groups.

The protesters organized through social media, and according to the event’s Facebook page, the protesters have also organized a counter event – a panel discussion on, “racial justice”, which has been cosponsored by numerous professors at the college, as well as militant black pride groups, and blacks only campus organizations.

Alt-Left students have been active on the page where the event is being organized, with one student asking, “Who else is down to go to the Murray event and just scream until HUPD [Harvard University Police Department] takes us out,” while another one posted, “I’m hoping there will be enough people screaming HUPD won’t be able to take us all out…But who knows there seems to be quite a few fucking Neo nazis at this institutions (including whoever in admin let [HCOCI] send a school-wide email to people who didn’t want their shit).”

Among all this the President and co-founder of HCOCI, Conor Healy, commented by simply saying that they would have intense security in place. He said, “Unfortunately, there will be officers stationed around the building and there will be a mandatory baggage check … Also, the lecture is closed to only those with a Harvard ID.”

Further discussing the agenda of the lecture, he said that Murray would discuss his book, By the People: Rebuilding Liberty without Permission, and he is expecting that the conversation might be a repeat of a lecture he held at Middlebury College where Murray was physically assaulted by a student.

Murray has been a controversial figure ever since his 1996 book, “The Bell Curve“, was published as a rigorous scientific study of IQ. The findings of the study conclude that the average intelligence of the classes is different, and the average intelligence of the different races vary quite drastically – the book further argues that these wide intelligence differences explain the social and behavioral phenomenon which typify various races.


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