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Harassment Scandals Explode Across Top Universities

Sexual Harassment
"Hey, Professor, my grades aren't that bad - back off!"

Another professor of the Columbia University had forfeited his job over sexual misconduct allegations from the ex-students.

Thomas Roma, Director of the Photography Program at Columbia University opted to resign, rather than face investigation, after five former students –all women – accused him of gross sexual misconduct. Despite holding his position at the illustrious Ivy League university since 1996, he opted to resign immediately.

The incident happens just a month after a History professor William Harris retired last month because of the sexual allegations raised against him by an anonymous female accuser. The accusation details a non-consensual relationship with a former student that started in 2012.

The psychology professor, Todd Heatherton had abandoned his own post as the Visiting Scholar at the NYU, back in November, as a probe was launched to look into an alleged sexual harassment case. Todd is among the three of the Dartmouth faculty members who faced suspension back in October until the results of the investigation of the sexual misconduct allegations came.

Similarly, Norman Pattiz, a member of the University of California Board of Regents said that he would be resigning mid of February, over allegations that he sexually harassed employees at a company he used to run.

The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee has also faced a serious issue, with 37 faculty and staff members to have faced sexual misconduct allegations since 2013, as per the student newspaper. However, 11 of the total allegations resulted in violations while two of the investigations are still pending. However, the actions taken by the administration are yet to be discovered.

In a Statement, the University refrained to comment and said, “Appropriate discipline was taken”, upon discovery of the offense. “Most of the employees were terminated or had already left the university,”

Furthermore, it was noted that the Office of Equity and Diversity Services, who were responsible for overlooking the reporting and investigation of the sexual harassment allegations are, “extremely understaffed for about 10 years,” and have a very high turnover rate.


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