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Connecticut Judge Seeks To Destroy Right To Bear Arms

Right To Bear Arms

On December 14, 2012 the news broadcast the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. Images of people outside the fire station and jam-packed streets filled the screen while we watched the news that 26 people had been killed, including many children.

America watched in horror that December morning. Almost immediately after the shooting was announced the left started attacking the right to bear arms in America.

Many of the parents of the Sandy Hook victims became gun control advocates. They met with the President and held fundraisers and events around the United States to try and get rid of the weapons they don’t agree with.

Now, almost four years later, a Connecticut court is allowing the family members of the Sandy Hook shooting to move forward in a civil suit against the company that built the Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle that Adam Lanza supposedly killed all the students with.

We say supposedly because there are a lot of questions about Sandy Hook that have never been answered. One of the main ones is that Adam Lanza’s DNA was not found on the weapon.

I’m not trying to delve into the world of conspiracies, but in this particular case there are a lot of questions about Adam as the killer and what weapon he used to carry out the crimes.

The details of his actions are going to be scrutinized fully by the defense team representing the gun maker. This could bring some new light to what happened that terrible day.

Hopefully we learn the details and truths that a lot of people on the Internet have been begging to receive for a while. There is a growing group, and quite large, that believes that Sandy Hook was a hoax and they have demanded transparency from government officials and law enforcement. They have not received their answers.

This case, however might. This will be the first time that a victim or their family is suing the gun manufacturer for a weapon that was purchased legally. There is a lot riding on this case, and it is going to bring back this horrible event to the front of the news cycle.

In all fairness to those that believe in a conspiracy or hoax at Sandy Hook, there are some very strange things that happened that morning. Some of them are highlighted in this video, but don’t just take one video’s word for it. Do some research and find your own answers.

Whether you think Sandy Hook is a hoax or not, this case is happening and it could threaten the second amendment like never before.

This is one case we will be watching and updating our readers on.


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