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Gun Free London Sees 100th Murder Investigation

The sun is setting on the once-proud British People...

London totaled 116 murders in 2017, but this year is pacing to be far worse. 100 murder investigations have been opened and its still summer.

The UK capital has notoriously strict gun laws, but the murders keep happening. In most of the homicide cases, the victims died due to stab wounds. The murder rate in London was actually higher than New York in February and March.

BBC News released a report last November that highlighted the rise in knife violence and stated that ever 14 minutes, there is a knife crime in the UK and Whales.

The BBC report came out almost a year ago and things are not getting better.

In an interview on Good Morning Britain, Ama Obeng, whose brother was killed in a knife attack, blames a lack of “love” and increased “poverty” for the rise of violence.

The growing number of knife attacks in London incredibly worrisome, but goes to show that governments can stop murders by taking away guns. Maybe the governments should focus on removing poverty and give their people more opportunities.

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