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Guess Who’s Making Disney Dolls For Christmas? Hint: It’s Not Elves

Industrial Zone
Santa's Eastern cousin...

The Guardian released an article on who is really making dolls for Disney for Christmas and it isn’t happy little elves.

In the city of Heyuan in China, workers say that they work 175 hours of overtime in a single month. They also claim they only have one day off during the 30-day period and get fired if they get too sick.

The claims were published in a report done by The Guardian and say that the workers are paid just over a dollar for creating a doll that costs almost $40. The workforce is made up of mostly women and they do not get any holiday or sick pay. The article went on to say the workers are suffering from “high levels of exhaustion” from making toys for Disney, Fisher Price and other toy companies.

An investigator joined the workforce assembly line for about a month and found that most of the women were over the age of 45 and worked close to 175 hours of overtime a month. The workers earned about a third of the average Chinese monthly salary of 7,665 yuan.

Disney is making out like the Grinch! It’s only costing them about a dollar to make the dolls and they are sold for close to $40. Disney is worth about $150 billion, so it would seem logical that the company that says dreams can come true can afford not to be a nightmare for so many workers in China.

Are you still going to buy Disney items for your kids this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.


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