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Guess Who Is Offering A Special Delivery This Christmas

Religion of Peace, no doubt...

A terrorist group wants to use drones to deliver deadly packages to the infidels.

ISIS is threatening to use drones to attack according to a new propaganda poster that depicts a flying robot with a suspicious package over New York City. In the image it says, “Sender: The Islamic State.”

The doctored image shows Manhattan Island with a drone flying in.

Earlier this week, a drone shut down Gatwick Airport and caused incredible delays, cancellations and chaos as the drone tormented the UK airport.

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The Islamist extremist group has used drones for several years. They’ve been used for spy missions and they have even modified some drones to drop different kinds of bombs on enemies below.

After seeing how much havoc a single drone can cause on an airport, the terrorist group is now exploiting a new fear.

The propaganda poster did not define any timeline and there doesn’t seem to be an immediate threat to New York.

What do you think about ISIS potentially using drones as a new weapon against the West? Let us know in the comments below.

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