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Guess Who Called Marco Rubio A “Gangster Thug” During Interview?

Marco Rubio
Does the Senate need more Alex Jones? Rubio doesn't think so.... agree?

In the halls of the Senate after the social media hearing, Marco Rubio was giving an interview to CNBC when banned alternative media mogul, Alex Jones, interrupted him.

The awkward interaction occurred after the two gave separate interviews a few feet from each other. Rubio was asked a question from CNBC and couldn’t give his reply without Alex Jones interrupting.

Jones, the founder of, amassed a very large and profitable social media following until YouTube, Facebook and other social media companies banned him for repeated offenses in violating their terms of service.

When interrupted, Rubio dismisses Alex and says “who is this guy?” Rubio went on to say he doesn’t read “weird websites” and called Alex Jones a “dumbass.”

Things got a little heated and ridiculous when Jones touched Rubio’s shoulder.

You can see the security in the back keeping a watchful eye on the “heckler” and even removes his hand after what Jones called a “friendly pat.”

Rubio did not like being touched and another back and forth began. Security called in some help, just in case things got crazy.

Rubio tried to answer questions, but when ignored, Alex Jones started throwing insult after insult until Rubio walked away, saying, “you guys can talk to this clown.”

Alex’s last shot was telling Rubio to “go back to the bath-house.”

See the full interaction in the video below.

After watching the strange confrontation, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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