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Government Slaughter 63 Innocents: The Mourning Begins

Government Slaughter

Over the weekend, over forty men and women gathered to mourn the loss of sixty-three innocents who were gunned down by government henchmen.

Did you miss this mass murder in the news?

Most likely.

Tree-hugging liberal activists held a mock funeral, recognizing the slaughter of 63 deer that were killed by hunters hired by the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The city ordered the cull due to a severe overpopulation problem that has been the cause of an increase of traffic crashes in 2015.

As the activists prayed for peace, they also . . . and his is no joke . . . chanted, “Deer lives matter.”

The event that was organized as the “Peace and Memorial Rally for Ann Arbor Deer” was complete with funeral wreaths, flowers and even eulogies.

After passing out “prayer flags” the diverse group of young and old dispersed, with many headed to a nearby McDonalds to munch on chicken nuggets and all-beef-patties.


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