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Gotcha! Protesters Rip Out Government Spy Cameras

Spy Cameras

Protesters occupying a federal wildlife refuge were tipped off to hidden cameras being installed to spy on them this week.

While the group has been embedded for weeks, the FBI has taken a “stand back” approach . . . at least in the eyes of the media.

Last week, the FBI was caught red-handed posing as protesters while harassing locals.

A local government official resigned in protest over the tactics used by the federal government.

Failing in their approach to gather intel posing as militia, the government allegedly installed hidden cameras attached to telephone polls in areas surrounding the wildlife preserve.

The high-dollar cameras were enclosed in a slick metal box to make them appear to be part of the utility grid.

The men protesting the intrusiveness of government caught on the same day and grabbed a ladder to inspect the devices.

After one protester easily popped the lock off the device, the door swung open to reveal two cameras that operated wirelessly.

See the video here:


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