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Gorka Vows To Advance “Phase Two” Of Trump Agenda

Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka, took to the airwaves Wednesday to confirm to the world that his loyalty lied with Trump – despite his recent resignation from the White House.

In an interview with British journalist, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Gorka and Guru-Murthy clashed multiple times over Trump’s agenda, and allegations of chaos in the White House.

Through the course of the interview Guru-Murthy tried to corner Gorka on the controversies of the day, including Trump’s apparently controversial decision to condemn both the Antifa and KKK protesters of the Charlottesville Disaster some weeks ago. Gorka responded, to the British liberal, with an eye roll, saying,  “just keep spinning your left-wing wet dreams, please.”

In Gorka’s resignation letter, he hinted at the existence of anti-Trump forces within the highest echelons of the administration. However, when given the opportunity to publically name names, he refused, saying “I’m not here to stoke palace intrigue stories.” Venting frustration over the number of leaks that the Trump administration has been forced to contend with, he fumed, “I had enough of those, up to my ears with those for the last eight months.”

“But that’s exactly what your statement has done,” Guru-Murthy challenged. “You can’t say that you’re not here to stoke palace intrigue when you release a resignation letter that talks about you know, people who are against President Trump’s agenda without saying who they are.”

“You are precisely stoking intrigue,” he said.

“If you have a pulse and you’re breathing, and you follow U.S. politics, you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about,” Gorka said. “I’m not here to attack the administration en bloc, or individuals, I’m here to support the President’s agenda, and he reached out to me after my resignation and informed me that he would like me to do so from the outside, and that’s what I, Steve Bannon, and everybody else who’s committed to the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda will be doing.”

“This is just phase 2 of the MAGA agenda,” he exclaimed.

“Well he may have sent you a message after the event, but surely you feel let down by the President, I mean after all you were out there every day defending him, and he didn’t lift a finger to stop you leaving the White House,” Guru-Murthy asked.

“Not at all,” Gorka responded, “No, not at all, not at all. This man is unstoppable. The fact that we have entrenched interests for decades in this city is just a reality that we’re going to deal with.”

“But this is all contradictory,” Guru-Murthy said, “I mean, you’re saying he’s lost control and that the people around him pushed out the great supporters like you and Steve Bannon, yet you’re saying he’s unstoppable.”

“He’s clearly, he clearly is stoppable, because people like you have been pushed out!” Guru-Murthy sneeringly concluded.


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