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GOP To Tout Tax Reform In 2018 Elections

Donald Trump
The donor establishment is finally on board! What took them so long?

Top Republican, Conservative and Libertarian donors just met in Palm Springs, California, to organize for the 2018 election. After a massive tax reform victory, which is already growing the economy and boosting wages, the donors are eager to help Trump hold onto the legislature. What took them so long to come around!?

Organized by the libertarian-leaning Koch brothers, the Palm Springs meeting succeeded in helping create donor consensus around Trump’s economic agenda. Sources report that the Koch had invested a massive $20 million in advertising to support for the tax bill before it passed. In addition to this, the donors pledged another $20 million funds for the advertisement right before the 2018 midterm elections.

Responding to the donor meeting, Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) said in a statement, “I’m delighted that the network will be committed to helping us tell that story. We’ll have to continue to combat the misinformation and the naysayers that want this to fail…Shame on us if we don’t make it an issue [in 2018].”

Republicans are hopeful that, when the voters get to know the clauses and reforms within the tax bill, it will become a major policy rallying point for republican voters. Forecasts predict that, once the effects of the tax reform really start hitting people’s wallets – which should happen next month, and this tax season – it will become a massive winning issue.

Senator Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) stated, “After about two weeks, the Democrats or colleagues who voted against the tax bill stopped talking about it. You know why they’re not talking about it? Because they know it’s not our ObamaCare. It’s a policy promoting growth and it’s giving more people money and the proof is in the paycheck…it’s a positive story, that’s why they’re not focusing on it. Because it’s working.”

Regardless, a survey monkey poll conducted by failing New York Times seemed to indicate that a majority of voters are still not in favor of the bill – with 49% people disapproved that tax overhaul, but the approval rate jumped to 46% from 37% in December’s poll alone.


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