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Gavin, it’s cold outside…

Austin Petersen
Does he deserve to be canned?

Right wing pundit and rabble rouser Gavin McInnes was reportedly iced out of a deal with Blaze TV after a recent announced merger with CRTV. The report came via a tweet from Blaze TV, which announced that it would not be continuing his show “Get off My Lawn” which had previously had a home on CRTV. The right wing media sphere was abuzz over the weekend, with internet users reacting and overreacting to the news. So what happened? Austin Petersen breaks down the news and shares his opinions.

Is “Baby it’s Cold Outside” a rape song?

Petersen reads an article from the Philippines, where author Eric Jurado offers insightful commentary as well as some pity on the poor unromantic souls who don’t understand courtship.


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