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Free Speech Is Again Threatened By Google

It's Google vs The Constitution

In leaked emails from the Internet giant Google, more evidence shows that the tech company tried to silence voices and ads from the right.

Breitbart is the latest subject of a series of leaked emails where employees of Google discussed a way to ban the right-leaning news outlet from using Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the king of digital advertising and the king didn’t want Breitbart to be part of their kingdom.

In the emails, the employees discussed labeling Brietbart as “hate speech” as a way to ban the conservative outlet from using the advertising platform to reach new readers.

Breitbart actually got the emails and then published them for the world to see. You can view them here.

The emails were released on Monday, the day before Google’s CEO is scheduled to testify to the House Judiciary Committee.

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Discussing the removal of Breitbart from AdSense doesn’t constitute a crime, because the news outlet was never removed from AdSense. The conspiring to find a way to ban Breitbart is what is worrisome. What other right-leaning companies did they ban for similar reasons and motives? Hopefully we’ll get some answers from the House Judiciary Committee, but it is unlikely.

Do you think that Google is trying to find ways to silence the right?

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