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Fox News’ Meghan McCain Attacks the Feminists behind the Women’s March

Fox News co-host Meghan McCain bashed feminist organizers behind the Women’s March on “Outnumbered,” and refused to support their cause; especially if they continue to advocate for the defunding of the U.S. military.

On the show this Tuesday, McCain and her co-hosts discussed whether or not the protesters were out of touch with most of America. McCain bashed the protestors by saying, “The problem with the modern Women’s March — feminist agenda or whatever is that it’s so wrapped up in the extreme left — not just on things like abortion but things apparently like defunding the military as well.”

On Monday, around 80,000 activists joined hands with the Women’s March and signed a pledge demanding reparations for African-Americans, and called for the defunding of the military. The pledge also included a part where they pushed for a left-wing agenda that included open border immigration policies and staging sit-ins across the country. Under the banner of “Pledge of Liberation,” the organization affiliated with the Women’s March and called to put an end to “gender norms, expectations, stereotypes,” and the legalization of abortion.

McCain argued that she wouldn’t consider herself a feminist, even though the common practice is that she “should” and stated that her beliefs in no way align with those of the leftist Women’s March movement.

“A person like me,” she continued, “even though I guess on paper I should consider myself a feminist, I won’t touch that. If that includes defunding the military, you know where you can go.”

It was only in February McCain was seen expressing her Democratic opposition to the appointment of Betsy DeVos to the secretary of education post. McCain had said, “The vitriol at her is shocking in a way that I cannot believe. And I don’t throw this around, I find it a little sexist.”


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