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Florida Shooting Investigation Driving Gun Control Discussion

Governor Rick Scott
Shout out to any Florida readers! Is Rick Scott trustworthy on gun control?

On the afternoon of 14th February 2018, a 19-year-old young boy named Nikolas Cruz fired blindly in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida that took away the lives of 17 innocent people including the staff and the students from the school. The unfortunate incident left families and beloveds of the victims traumatized and worried about the safety of people in places like schools and colleges. Just a few months ago, the Vegas shooting in a Music Festival raised security concerns for the civilians of the country, however, the security forces actively took over the chaotic situation and saved people from scarier loss.

Rick Scott (R) from the Florida Government has requested the police authority to execute a formal investigation to justify the law enforcement in the state. In a statement on Sunday the 25th of February 2018, Scott says, “I have asked for FDLE [Florida Department of Law Enforcement] to immediately investigate the law enforcement response and will continue to review this matter as more facts come out. There must be an independent investigation and that is why I asked the FDLE Commissioner to immediately start this process.” In addition to the notice, he referred about the idea of suspending Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, as proposed by Richard Corcoran (R), the Florida House Speaker. In his statement, he said, “I have spoken to Speaker Corcoran about his request and I understand his concerns. I have spoken to the Speaker regularly since the shooting, and like me, he wants the families to have answers and for there to be full accountability. That’s what the victims and their families deserve.”

However, Rick Scott mentions that he would not suspend Israel on the insistence of Corcoran and other law authorities of the state and would need to have a formal investigation and justification of the incident and the responsibilities of the law enforcement forces.

It is reported that the FBI and the Broward County Police were warned about the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz before the shooting occurred, therefore, the incident could have been avoided. Both the agencies are now under strict scrutiny over the situation handling by not raising the clues about Cruz and not taking proactive measures prior to the incident.

The police department comes under the scrutiny of government as they failed to enter the building premises even after receiving the calls telling them about the shooter.

State representative Mr. Bill Hager (R) wrote a letter to Rick Scott asking for Israel’s resignation, while Israel says that he will not resign from his post. On CNN, Israel said, “Of course I won’t resign.” About the letter, he adds, “It was a shameful letter. It was politically motivated. I never met that man. He doesn’t know anything about me. And the letter was full of misinformation.”


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