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Feds Seeking Comments to Allow Cell Phone Calls on Planes

Nooooo!!! Burn him!! (at least that's what statists want).

The Department of Transportation wants to regulate the “voice calls” while flying.

Currently, due to a bogus technical interference argument that was established over a decade ago, voice calls are not permitted during flight.

The government now admits that advances in technology make the use of mobile devices safe for inflight use and will likely be reliable while 30,000 feet in the air within the near future.

The government’s proposed solution is to allow airlines to make their own call about the use of mobile phones while in flight, but they want to make sure there are procedures in place that notify passengers of the policy before tickets are purchased.

The DOT wants to “protect airline passengers from being unwillingly exposed to voice calls within the confines of an aircraft.”

The government’s point of view appears to be that it is literally harmful to be seated next to a chatty passenger.

While that situation could be annoying, it is far from harmful . . . unless as some commenters have pointed out, it causes a fight in the air.

So far, 6,677 people have weighed in on the matter that is open for public comment until February 13th.

The majority of responses want to continue the crack down and ban in flight phone calls, rather than trust in the courtesy and common sense of their fellow travelers.

Lisa Witt-O’Banion, an airline stewardess wrote, “Please DO NOT allow cell phone calls on plans. As flight attendants we already have an array of issues that we have to deal with on a daily bases [sic]. People can’t stand it when someone in front of them reclines in their seat, I can only imagine what phone usage in flight will lead to!“

Gail Sonenshein wrote, “I urge you in the strongest possible terms to continue the ban on cell phone use in flight on airplanes.”

In reviewing over 20 pages of comments submitted, no Americans wrote in to support the measure and instead supported continued government rules rather than allowing airlines to make their own calls on the use of cell phones.

To submit your own official comment on the matter, click here and weigh in on the comments below.


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