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FDNY Won’t Fire “Fleeing” Black Firefighter


When New York firefighter Michael Johnson’s coworkers ran into a burning building on April 2, he was nowhere to be found–allegedly “fleeing” the scene when his fellow firefighters were counting on him.

But FDNY won’t fire him–because he’s a “priority hire.” Translation: they’re too scared to fire him because he’s black.

Johnson was hired because a court ordered FDNY to increase minority hiring–which now means department members are terrified to even criticize Johnson, who has neglected his job in the worst way possible.

Back on April 2, when Johnson refused to enter a burning building, his captain issued an official “mayday” call–because without Johnson, they had only two firefighters to haul a heavy hose up flights of stairs to put out a three-alarm fire.

In response to the mayday call–and Johnson directly putting the lives of fellow firefighters on the line–Johnson’s been scheduled to go for an official “retraining.” He won’t suffer any disciplinary consequences, and he’ll keep his job.

An anonymous source close to FDNY put the response to Johnson’s horrible actions succinctly: “The department seems to not want to give a f–k about any of this because they want to fill their [racial] quota.”

“He’s a danger,” added another source.

But, of course, due to the warped liberal policies of New York City, he can’t face the discipline anyone else would–simply because he’s black, and FDNY is too scared of having to fight a costly discrimination lawsuit, rather than seek justice.

The worst part of this story is that, when Michael Johnson doesn’t fight a fire–when he runs the other way when his engine comes to a burning building–he’s endangering lives. Not just the lives of his brave fellow firefighters, who risk their lives every single day, but the lives of the people of New York–who depend on FDNY for safety. And, you know, pay FDNY salaries through their tax dollars.


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