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FBI Raids Home Of Area 51 Researcher

For decades the government said that the military base at Groom lake in Nevada, rumored to be called Area 51, doesn’t exist.

Then in 2013, they admitted the existence of the base.

The base is home to secret military research and development of future aircraft.

Area-51 is a secret everyone knows about and some people have dedicated their lives to figuring out what is going on at the isolated base.

One of those dedicated souls is Joerg Arnu of Las Vegas. He has a website that posts drone footage of the base and other interesting facts from people trying to do their own research no the restricted base.

Butt he government apparently doesn’t like what is happening.

FBI and the Air Force executed raids on Arnu’s two residences and confiscated all kinds of potential evidence. Evidence of what, we are not sure.

Arnu claims that the search was for image that were posted on his website, but the case file was sealed and removed from the search warrant that Arnu had to sign.

So the Government admits there is a base, but they don’t like people talking about it and posting pictures.


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