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FBI Director Tries To Shore Up Morale With Desperate Letter

Christopher Wray
"This is not the best day I have had at work..."

Christopher Wray, the FBI director, is apparently trying to shore up morale at the FBI-writing a sad, desperate letter to his staff.

Wray wrote:

The American people read the papers, and they hear lots of talk on cable TV and social media. But they see and experience the actual work you do — keeping communities safe and our nation secure, often dealing with sensitive matters and making decisions under difficult circumstances. And that work will always matter more.

Talk is cheap: the work you do is what will endure.

We speak through our work. One case at a time. One intelligence product at a time. One decision at a time.

We do that work, and we stay laser-focused on doing great work, even when it’s not easy, because we believe in the FBI. We believe in what it stands for and what this institution means to people.

And nothing is going to change that.

We’re going to keep doing that work, because we know who we are, and because we know the our mission comes first. The American people come first.

So I ask you to keep doing your great work and keep being the great people you are. And I know that I consider it an incredible privilege to work beside you-and that I’m determined to defend your integrity and professionalism every day.

Remember: keep calm and tackle hard.

Thank you for standing strong together-and for keeping your faith in this institution that means so much to all of us.

Chris Wray

Trump’s decision to release the Nunes memo-which proved that the FBI used phony evidence to start surveillance on Trump campaign staff-has been controversial.

And it’s clear, from Christopher Wray’s letter, that it may be taking a toll on morale inside the FBI.

You can read the memo for yourself here.

Nunes Memo

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