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Fauci, Put an End to COVID Theater!

On March 10th, Texas ended its mask mandate.  The Lone Star State has been 100% open for a month.

At the time, our nation’s top medical advisor, Anthony Fauci said Texas was “inviting” a surge in cases and deaths.

So what happened?

Well on the day the mask mandate ended, the 7-day new case average for Texas was 4,909.  As of yesterday, the average is 3,241.

Ever since masks were thrown into the dustbin of history by Texans, there’s been a 34% decrease in COVID infections.

There are better results for Mississippi which ended its mask mandate on March 3rd.  Since then, COVID cases have plummeted 62%.

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In Florida, where residents have largely bucked the lockdowns and masks, cases have been cut in half since the beginning of the year, prompting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to put an end to all restrictions just this week.

Now that the scientific evidence has flatly proven Fauci wrong, rather than take a look at science, he and the CDC doubled down and announced new mask guidelines for the outdoors, recommending unvaccinated children wear masks while outdoors.

On the Today Show, Fauci defended the positions saying, “Eventually children will end up getting vaccinated . . . when children are out in the community, they are more at risk at getting infected.”

Several studies have proven there is virtually zero chance of an outdoor COVID transmission.

At this point, the CDC is losing even more credibility by the hour.  

Americans went from listing to Fauci say in March of last year that “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask” to today’s version that we should double up on masks, force children to wear them on the playground and wear them even if you’re vaccinated to “promote a culture of mask wearing.”

The only positive thing to come out of the Global Pandemic is that Americans have lost even more trust in the government. 

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Before all of this, Americans were left with the Hollywood vision of the Centers of Disease Control.  Most of us thought that the CDC was filled with fearless and highly intelligence scientists willing to throw on a cool space suit at any moment to save us from a plague while teams of researchers manned a high-tech war room to measure infection rates in real time.

It turns out that the CDC is filled with a bunch of freaking idiots who, when they’re not blowing through their $11 billion annual budget sitting on their computers playing solitaire while collecting a comfy government paycheck – they’re most likely huffing glue to murder off the few functioning brain cells they may have once enjoyed.

America would have been better off listening to the collective wisdom of our moms who have a proven record of keeping all of us safe by – washing your hands and stop touching your face.