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Ex-Obama Officials Suing Trump Over DACA

Jeff Sessions
The court battle begins, place your bets!

The University of California (UC) system announced that it would be suing President Trump over the ending of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) amnesty program. UC President, and former Obama administration official, Janet Napolitano, believes she has a case that she can win.

In the lawsuit brought by the UC system, it’s claimed that, “Dreamers face expulsion from the only country that they call home based on nothing more than unreasoned executive whim … It is hard to imagine a decision less reasoned, more damaging, or undertaken with less care.” However, perpetual DACA amounts to blanket amnesty, and effectively means open borders. If a nation has no borders, it ceases to exist as a political unit, and is quickly destroyed.

Napolitano, she said that ending DACA is “contrary to our national values and bad policy … Neither I, nor the University of California, take the step of suing the federal government lightly, especially not the very agency that I led … It is imperative, however, that we stand up for these vital members of the UC community. They represent the best of who we are — hard working, resilient and motivated high achievers.”

The lawsuit claims that, “UC has approximately 4,000 undocumented students, a substantial number of whom are DACA recipients,” and that, “These individuals make important contributions to University life, expanding the intellectual vitality of the school, filling crucial roles as medical residents, research assistants, and student government leaders, and increasing the diversity of the community.”

Last Tuesday the Trump administration announced that it would be ending the late Obama-era amnesty program, which differs enforcement of immigration policy against these criminal aliens.

Trump in his own statement said that Obama’s creation of the DACA was unconstitutional, and that the President doesn’t have the authority to rewrite or to selectively nullify the laws passed by Congress. “There can be no path to principled immigration reform if the executive branch is able to rewrite or nullify federal laws at will,” Trump declared.

In all, fifteen states in have filed lawsuits against the administration, in a bid to advance amnesty for illegal aliens.


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