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Enrollment Plummets At Evergreen State College After “White People Ban”

White Male
The worst crime of our modern SJW age: Being a WHITE MALE!

Last year, The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, tried to kick all white people off campus for a day.

Now? It turns out students of all races are responding with their own “Day of Absence”–by choosing other colleges.

Enrollment at Evergreen State for fall 2018 has plummeted nearly 50%. Just 350 freshmen will attend the college.

Considering the total enrollment will be more than 3,000, that means freshmen will make up just a tiny fraction of Evergreen State.

Evergreen State is the only university in Washington State to see its enrollment go down in 2018.

The controversy erupted last year when Evergreen State planned a “Day of Absence,” where all white people were asked to leave campus for a day. That caused one professor, Bret Weinstein, to question whether or not the event was counterproductive.

Weinstein, who identifies as “deeply progressive,” lost his job, as the campus melted down into social justice chaos.

“It’s a catastrophic drop, but I’m hoping we’ll recover,” Evergreen Professor Mike Paros said, in an interview with Fox News.

One way Paros hopes Evergreen State will rebuild its reputation? Adding more conservative voices to the far-left faculty.

“Advocacy and activism rather than the pursuit of truth and knowledge is being promoted as a way of recruiting desperately needed new students,” Paros said. “Bringing in new faculty or guest speakers with conservative or centrist political perspectives is considered risky and out of the question at the moment. Fear and self-censorship is pervasive among Evergreen faculty, especially under the existing budget crisis.”

Paros is already doing his part: his newest class plans to address diversity of thought, and even comes with a disclaimer for snowflake students: “Students who require ‘ideological safe spaces’ where particular viewpoints are considered offensive may want to seek a different program.”


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