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Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test Results Are In

Elizabeth Warren
"How do you do, fellow Natives... "

2020 hopeful, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) released her DNA findings to the public on Monday to show Donald Trump that she is truly part Native American.

Elizabeth Warren is possibly just 1/1024th Native American. A test conducted by Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor and expert in the field of DNA analysis.

The test produced evidence that Warren did have a Native American in her family that could be between “6-10 generations ago.” The claim fits the story that Warren has told about her great-great-great-grandmother and that her relative did have Native American ancestry.

Warren does have Native American in her family, that much is true, but it is such a small amount. Despite being possibly 1/1024th Native American, it hasn’t stopped Warren from claiming the minority heritage.

How did Donald Trump respond when he heard that Warren released her DNA results? He said, “Who cares?” He went on to say that he hopes she runs in 2020, because she would be “easy” to beat.

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Warren is eyeballing a run in 2020 and releasing her DNA records shows that she is actively trying to control the narrative set in place by Donald Trump. Trump has called her “Pocahontas” and mocked her claim at being Native American.

He even said he would donate a million dollars to a charity if Warren released her DNA records. Now that she has revealed her heritage, is it time for Trump to pay up? Maybe he should take Michelle Malkin’s suggestion.

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What do you think about the results of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test? Do you think she should claim that she is Native American?

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