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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and a Hard Place for 2024 Presidential Run

“I’ll run if the people want it” was the quote Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gave when asked about running for President in 2024.

But which people want it?

DJ, the Rock or Dwayne dependent upon how close of a follower you are, is an enigma that has gathered support from a wide swath of Americans over the years.

And he’s been smart to not push too hard into politics – although 2020 may be the exception.

In 2016 both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaign came begging hard, hat in hand, humbly requesting his endorsement.

He sat it out and stayed out of the election.

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In 2020, Johnson gave an unenthusiastic tip to Biden and Harris, qualifying his endorsement by saying he’s a “centrist.”

Leftist publications are already bashing the Rock’s 2024 outlook with Time Magazine saying “Have we learned nothing?” by electing a celebrity rich guy?

In reality, Democrats and the Left are terrified of a Rock Run as a Democrat as they will lose power to a man who is an independent thinker and worse – NOT a radical liberal.

But the same could be said for Republicans as the Establishment would have to give way to an outsider if Rock put an “R” next to his name.

Republicans bigger fear would be Dwayne Johnson running as a Democrat and facing off against Donald Trump and what would definitely be an epic showdown.

But here’s the reality.

Few people can pull off an independent run for president.  They need a ton of money but more so, a massive army of enthusiastic boots on the ground.

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Perot had that in ’92 with a few hundred thousand retired folks from his company, EDS.

They drove around the nation in a rolling, RV army gathering signatures to get Perot on the ballot – and they loved the guy.

Contrary to belief, Perot didn’t spend a dime of his own money before polling at 25% in the race.

The Rock could easily do the same and the benefits are lasting if Johnson took the independent route.

First, he wouldn’t be controlled or owned by a party of their structure.

And whoever were to hold power in Congress wouldn’t matter during a Johnson Administration – because they would all want to try and claim him as their own.

However, this comes with one MAJOR caveat – he’d be taking on both the Republican and Democrat Establishment – think Deep State times two.

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Not fun – but still worth the lasting benefit.

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Would you support a Johnson run?  If so, should he run as Dem, Republican or Independent?