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Drug Lord’s Brother Launches Bizarre Trump Effort

Drug Lord
Ahhh, so that's how the "#Resistance" is getting funded...

Someone really doesn’t want that wall.

The brother of deceased drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has launched a strange new quest to impeach President Donald Trump.

Roberto Escobar has launched a new crypto-currency, similar to Bitcoin called ESCOBARS—and he plans to use the proceeds to fund an effort to impeach President Trump.

“ESCOBAR token is the future of stablecoins, having a big name behind itself and the strong leadership of Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, older brother of infamous Pablo Escobar,” explains the ESCOBAR website.

The website adds: “Used for (a) Impeach Trump Fund (read more on and (b) the development of ESCOBAR token and its success.”

This isn’t Roberto Escobar’s first attempt to raise money to impeach President Trump: last week, he tried to launch a GoFundMe campaign against Trump, which was rejected by the crowd-funding platform. He had hoped to raise as much as $50 million.

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“His discrimination of the Latino American people,” Escobar fumed, in an interview. “We are some of the hardest-working people in the world. Trump is 100-per-cent corrupt and colluding with foreign governments. Trump is like a Chihuahua dog — small and cute but doesn’t know how to bite. I am good at biting.”

So far, however, it’ll be a while before Escobar is able to “bite”: his crypto-currency is scheduled to debut on June 1.