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Don’t Get Trolled Into Bricking Your iPhone


In between taking out the trash from their grandmother’s basement and fingering through stale bags of Cheetos, the pranksters on the online forum, 4chan, have been telling people that if they set the date on their iPhones to Jan 1, 1970, they’ll see a cool, retro logo.

DO . . . NOT . . . DO . . . IT.

Seriously, you’ll break your phone and turn it into an attractive brick.

Apple confirmed the date-based bug and is working on an update to fix the issue. But that won’t work for those who already fell for it. A recovery or restore won’t even do the trick to bring the phone back to life.

For those that are still curious about the “retro” logo, do a quick google search and you’ll clearly recall the rainbow striped apple, the beveled and embossed logos and for the hardcore Apple cult members, the original logo of Apple Computer Co, which is admittedly pretty cool (hint, Newton sitting under a tree).

If you were influenced by 4chan members to fall for the trick and brick your phone, well . . . stop hanging out on 4chan.

If you have three minutes of your life to waste, here’s how to destroy an iPhone with the date bug:


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