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DOJ Begins Investigation Of Obama-Hezbollah Connection

Hezbollah Launch Site
These missiles paid for by Former President, Barack Hussain Obama... who saw that one coming?

President Trump’s Department of Justice, headed by Jeff Sessions, just announced the opening of an investigation into the Obama Administration’s extreme preferential treatment of the Iran-backed global terrorist group Hezbollah.

While the official reason for lax, and supportive position that the Obama Administration took was that they didn’t want to scare Iran away from the disastrous nuclear deal, it’s an unconvincing one. As you know, the Iran deal put the Islamic Republic on the fast track to nuclear weapons, by handing them hundreds of millions in unmarked bills/gold, as well as millions more in sanction relief – all tied to entirely inadequate, ineffectual and anemic nuclear non-proliferation protocols.

The investigation is seeking the REAL reason behind the Obama Administration’s systematic attempt to suppress investigations and enforcement actions against the terrorist group Hezbollah. Needless to say, Democrats are displeased, and Republicans are singing the Trump Administration’s praises for opening the investigation.

Several powerful Congressional committees have already opened their own investigations into Obama’s dealings with Hezbollah, and the DOJ’s announcement serves only to confirm the need for a broad spectrum investigation into the potential crimes of the Obama Administration.

“I’m happy to see the DOJ following our lead in investigating the Obama-Hezbollah affair,” Representative Ron DeSantis, the member of the House Oversight Committee and the chair of its National Security Subcommittee, said, “I look forward to working with the department to uncover the truth.”

DeSantis has himself led strong efforts in the House to uncover strong evidences that the top Obama officials such as the National Security Council staffer Ben Rhodes had hijacked and subdued investigations into Hezbollah and its drug cartels and operations in Latin America and in U.S. so that the Islamic Republic would not get upset and step back from the nuclear deal.

The lawmakers also went on to pay special attention to uncover if Rhodes or any other of the senior official who is accused of misguiding the Congress and the American People about Iran’s deal and its role in slowing down and blocking the Hezbollah investigations.

Senator Ben Sasse, who had originally appealed the Trump administration to directly investigate the situations in December, had also said in a statement that the Congress would be expecting the DOJ to give solid and concrete answers for Obama administration’s deeply suspicious behavior.

The investigations have further focused on a Drug Enforcement Agency Investigation known as Project Cassandra – responsible for digging into Hezbollah’s drug cartels and its attempts to launder money.


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