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Did Trump Just Set A Trap For Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan is no political slouch - this could backfire on Trump, big time!

President Trump’s former Deputy Assistant, Sebastian Gorka to explain why Trump sided with the Democrat’s debt ceiling plan (of only 3 months) to the Republican plan of raising the debt ceiling for 18 months.

Gorka has been seen battling the media narrative that he was “pushed out” of the White House and has been arguing that he had left his position on his own in an effort to help advance Trump’s agenda from outside the White House. However, this Wednesday he decided to fight for a different cause, as he tweeted “Amazing how so many just don’t understand what [President Trump] did today,” he tweeted Wednesday. “[Lou Dobbs] does.”

The Washington Post described Trump’s shocking move, characterizing the President as, “a man of few allegiances,” who is now, “suddenly aligned himself with Democrats on Wednesday on a series of key fiscal issues.”

However, on Lou Dobbs Tonight, on Fox News, Gorka discussed how this move gives the Republicans the political cover to openly attack Paul Ryan. Labeling Speaker Ryan a, republican in name only (RINO), he went on to describe, “Speaker Paul Ryan, and his obsequious deference to corporate lobbyists and unbridled hostility toward President Trump.”

“The president not only took RINO Ryan to the woodshed,” Dobbs explained, “but eliminated any need for any Republican to ever pretend again that Ryan is a real Republican in any way. Or that any RINO has a political future after Mr. Trump simply bootless the hapless fool out of the way of those trying to get the nation’s business done,” he added.

Whilst running a video of the very “clueless” Ryan bashing the Democrats only hours before President Trump accepted the deal, Dobbs noted, “They did mean that, and it wasn’t so ridiculous it turns out,” and highlighted “because in just a few hours, President Trump reached a deal with the Democrats to raise the debt limit, to fund the government until mid-December while providing funds for Harvey relief.”

“Deal done!” Dobbs stated. ‘President Trump also clearing the way for tax reform while he was at it.”

“Contrast Ryan’s inane insults,” he continued, “his obstinance and subversion of President Trump to the behavior and rhetoric of Democratic leadership of late. They’ve calmed themselves, they’ve been far more conciliatory in their rhetoric over recent weeks.”

“And now Ryan is full exposed to the nation,” Dobbs concluded.


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