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Did 21 Million Chinese People Die of Coronavirus?

china deaths

Officially, China has reported 3,249 deaths from the Wuhan Coronavirus… but the real number may, shockingly, be in the tens of millions.

The proof? The number of cell phone subscribers in China plunged by 21.03 million in February 2020 alone, according to data from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT.)

The sharp decrease of cell phone customers is unheard of in China–in February 2019, one year prior, China had *gained* 24.37 million subscribers.

Smartphones are important across the world, but in China, they’re basically mandatory. China has structured virtually their entire society and economy around smartphones–making it highly unlikely that people are simply dropping contracts as they tighten their belts.

For many Chinese people, a smartphone is the only way to pay for goods, deal with government agencies, or travel around the country.

Recently, China has even required all Chinese people to generate a “health code” from an app on their phone. Only people with a green code are able to leave their homes, meaning that a smartphone has become more essential than ever before.

Despite the alarming evidence that millions of Chinese people could be dead from this pandemic, the Communist Party of China has instead downplayed the disease.

Over the weekend, they claimed that there were no new cases of Coronavirus in the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak began.

Despite rumors that China has simply stopped testing for new cases–thus only making it look like the number of “zero”–the U.S. media dutifully reported the Chinese statistics as fact.


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