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DeSantis With Small Lead Over Crist

Florida Governor, Ron Destantis is holding a small lead of the Democratic challenger. In a new poll, Florida’s gubernatorial race is much closer than many Republicans would like.

According to the poll commissioned by the AARP, DeSantis has a 3% lead over Charlie Crist.

DeSantis is not only leading in the polls for Florida Governor, but he is also the front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2024.

A three point lead in Florida could grow quickly or evaporate.

With just two months left until the election, a lot could change.

DeSantis has agreed to a debate, and it will be the only one this cycle.

But if somehow Crist can win in November, then DeSantis will fall down on the Republican nomination list.

Why would Republicans nominate DeSantis if he can’t win in his own state?

The Republicans will need Florida if they hope to win in 2024. If DeSantis wins, he will be a major contender for the nomination. If he doesn’t, the Republicans are in real trouble for 2024.



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