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Dems Rage Over Plan To Trim Government Budget

Nancy Pelosi
Turnabout is fair play, Nancy - GET OVER IT!

Democrats cry foul over GOP plans to strip most Democratic funding priorities from the recently passed Omniubs spending bill. It turns out the GOP does have a bit of a spine! Who would have guessed!?

Republicans have faced a backlash from their base after passing a fiscally irresponsible omnibus bill, funding the government to tune of $1.3 trillion. Many grassroots activists and conservative groups were deeply upset, as well, because the bill fully funded many controversial Democratic priorities, like refugees and Planned Parenthood.

Dems see this attempt as a dirty bait-and-switch, because they only voted for the bill – containing key GOP spending priorities like strengthening the military – because their obscene pet projects were also included (the selfish bastards).

They claimed that by making the changes, GOP will be betraying them. “It would completely poison the well to the idea that there can be responsible bipartisan compromise,” said the spokesman for Representative Nita Lowey (N.Y.), Matthew Dennis. Dennis added that the Republicans are attempting “to renege on elements that were critical to passage of the omnibus.”

“It’s a bill that was signed into law with Democratic and Republican votes and with the signature of the President. And they apparently didn’t like the way it played in the media afterwards, so now they’re going to try to call for a do-over,” he said. “That’s just not how it works.”

Spokeswoman for the House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), Mariel Saez, claimed that the Republicans are carrying out a “political stunt to appease their base just weeks after they touted the bill as an important compromise.”

“If they propose to cut important funding for early childhood education, the opioid crisis, infrastructure, public safety, and other domestic priorities, then they can expect strong Democratic opposition,” said Mariel Saez in an email.

“You just voted to add $1.5 trillion, at least — maybe $2 trillion — to the debt with the tax-cut bill, and now sanctimoniously you come back saying, ‘We’ve got to rein in the debt?’” said Representative Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) “We’re all high school graduates here. We can kind of see that for what it is.”


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