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Democrats Stall Key Immigration Vote

Border Patrol
Speaking of stalling... we need to stall the constant flow of illegals coming over our borders.

Twice in a row, Democrats placed a roadblock in the path to Immigration Reform. Mitch McConnell attempted to arrange multiple votes on this key issue, but his plans met a Democrat filibuster – blocking a vote from even occurring.

The immigration legislation, which would crack down on sanctuary cities, and illegal immigration was proposed by Senators Christopher Coons and John McCain. The plan ties a DACA deal to key border security measures.

The scheduled vote, however, came to a halt when Democrat Dick Durbin, started a filibuster in protest of the contents of Coons’ and McCain’s legislation. He charged that legislative negotiation between Democrats and Republicans was not yet over. “There have been meetings that have been going on all day on a bipartisan basis to try to resolve the issue before us. … I believe progress is being made. I hope that we can continue along those lines,” the democrat claimed.

The argument was lent further fuel after Charles Schumer blocked an attempted amendment – a Democratic amendment – from being considered by the Senate.

In response, top Judicial Republican, Chuck Grassley tweeted out in disgust, “Dems just objected AGAIN! When are the Dems going to carry out what they’ve been promising the DACA kids for several months? Let’s move fwd. or level with us that you don’t want to help. My bill could solve issues for DACA kids + strengthens border security,” GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa) tweeted post the Senate scuffle.

The Senate is expected to attempt to take up debate again, and vote by the end of the week, however hopes are not high.

“We have other things to do,” McConnell told reporters when asked if the debate could extend further and beyond this week.

The Senate is listed to be on a week’s break over the next week. Recommencing the argument as they return, will probably drive the ultimate voting ahead of the original March 5 time limit for finding a DACA fix.


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