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Democrats Prepare Takeover Of Arizona

Red Arizona
This is why borders matter. This is why deportation is so important.

Republican groups are releasing a hefty sum of dollars into the state of Arizona. They hope to keep any prospects of another Democratic disrupt in the upcoming special election next month at bay.

The Grand Old Party says that they are positive and the party will maintain control of the position last held by previous Grand Old Party Representative.

Nonetheless, national Republican groups committed an amount of more than half a million US dollars to hold what ought to be a safe and sure seat that President Donald Trump won in 2016 by 21 points.

“I’m skeptical the Democrats can actually win, [but] the more activity there is on the Republican side, the more indication it is actually competitive because the parties are the ones with the best numbers,” said elections analyst Kyle Kondik. “Losing Pennsylvania 18 was pretty embarrassing for Republicans. This would be worse.”

Republicans believe they will win the seat, even though they suffered recent losses in some GOP strongholds. This is for the reason being that the region is full of staunch conservatives. They are unlikely to change to Democrats.

“The independents in this district are former Republicans frustrated that Republicans are not more conservative,” said a Republican Party strategist in Arizona, Sean Noble.

Arizona Republicans are establishing the national funds as a sign of the Grand Old Party being cautious after earlier losses. The Republican Party also noticed that groups are coming in early, as the state of Arizona is a substantial vote-by-mail state with votes cast before the day of the election.

“National Republicans are suffering from political PTSD over the Pennsylvania loss,” said an Arizona Grand Old Party strategist, Brett Mecum. “I think they are overcompensating of getting involved in [the 8th District] to ensure victory.”

Former state Senator Debbie Lesko (Republican) campaign has publicized her capability to defend against previous rivals and her years long incumbency in the government. She is identified among seniors for supporting legislation that permitted people to operate golf carts along the roadside in retirement communities.

This campaign was welcomed as well as offered for any sort of help by the national Republican groups.

Barrett Marson, campaign spokesman for Lesko spoke about the spending:

“It’s not a question of concern. It’s a question of not taking our foot off the gas, and not taking anything for granted.”

Democrat Hiral Tipirneni declined the Lesko campaign that was aimed at framing her as a mediocre liberal.

“It’s important we redefine these things not as a matter of being Democratic or Republican, but as effective solutions to issues people are facing all across this country,” said Tipirneni.

“These are not extreme views. They are painting this false narrative to keep what they think is a safe district. But people, I think, are smarter than that,” she further said.

Tipirneni considers the investments provided by Republicans to be a sign that the Republicans feel scared and require Democratic groups to begin spending towards the race also.

“This is not the impossible dream by any stretch. This is a real possibility. If they are going to invest, invest now, because ballots are dropping tomorrow,” said Tipirneni. “Every seat is worth investing in.”

Other Democrats believe a strong presence here can send an indication in advance of the competitive rivalries in the fall.

“There’s plenty of leeway for wingnut nutjobbery in this area,” said Andy Barr, Democratic strategist while referencing to Arpaio’s past support by the district. “For us to be competitive at all here shows just how tainted the Republican brand is.”


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