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Democrats Destroyed Over Sexual Assault “Double Standard”

"You gotta keep quiet gal - he's a Democrat you know, he's allowed to..."

One conservative pundit wants to know: why are Democrats melting down over a sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh… but completely silent on the allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison, the deputy director of the Democratic Party?

“Keith Ellison, Democratic Congressman from Minnesota, Deputy Chair of the DNC, running for Attorney General in Minnesota, has been accused by two women of domestic violence,” said conservative pundit S.E. Cupp on her CNN show, Unfiltered. “Not only aren’t Democrats insisting that they be believed and he step aside, he easily won his democratic primary, but at least one of his accusers has said her own party, the democratic party, has smeared and isolated her.”

Cupp then played a video of Ellison, who is currently running for Attorney General of Minnesota, weighing in on the two women who accused him of abusing them—claiming that he didn’t know what someone “might cook up” for political reasons.

Cupp contrasted that with a clip of Sen. Mazie Hironi (D-Hawaii) claiming that all women “need to be believed.”

Cupp then asked her two guests—former Democratic politician Christine Quinn of New York and conservative columnist Matt Lewis—to weigh in.

“How can Democrats explain a very obvious double standard in outrage?” Cupp asked.

Quinn admitted “there needs to be one standard.”

“The issue of looking into allegations of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment need to be done apolitically,” she added. “And that’s really a standard we can’t ever veer off of.”

Lewis then responded, admitting that, while should be more scrutiny over a Supreme Court nominee because of his Kavanaugh’s lifetime appointment, the media was dropping the ball.

“This is not a nobody,” he said, of Ellison. “This is a big deal and I would venture to say that the media is not really covering this. At least not the kind of coverage that it would get if he were a Republican.”


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