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Porn Easily Found On Popular Child-Friendly Social Media App

Shocked Child
And *Woosh,* there goes little Timmy's innocence...

Instagram is a place for teenagers and adults to share photos from their life and apparently is a great place to find adult porn as well.

Despite the “zero tolerance” policy that Instagram has on sexual content, a user can easily search for porn using hashtags.

Finding porn is as easy for anyone looking for it. A simple search done by the Sun in the UK, found hundreds of videos and pictures that do not line up wit the “zero tolerance” policy.

Instagram is supposed to be safe for users 13-years and older, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The popular social media application is a favorite among young people. 17% of teens say Instagram is the most important social media site and 32% of all Internet users use Instagram according to statistics published by Omnicore.

Facebook purchased the application for a billion dollars back in 2012, and is expected to generate $5 billion in advertising sales this year.

The money making social media machine could lose a large amount of it’s younger followers if parents knew that their kids could easily find dirty and inappropriate sexual pictures and videos with a simple search.

The videos and picture do not come with any type of rating system warning the user either. Since all the content on Instagram is supposed to be child-friendly, no such ratings have ever been put into place.

In America, out of the top 15 websites, three are specifically dedicated to porn and adult content. Those sites go out of their way to alert the user that the site is restricted to those over 18.

Facebook, the owner of Instagram has had a rough week losing over 20% of it’s value due to privacy scandals and a miss in expectations. The fall might not be over and the slide could continue if the social media giant can’t find a way to clean up Instagram.

What are your thoughts? Do you let your children use Instagram? Will you after reading his?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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