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Democrats Bet On Last Minute Insult Blitz To Bring Them Victory On Tuesday

In the age of Trump, Saturday Night Live has become the standard for liberal comedy with almost constant attacks on Republicans and Donald Trump.

The weekend before the big election, Saturday Night Live didn’t hold back with the attacks on the right and even got specific mocking candidates from state races.

In the cold opening video above, Kate McKinnon appeared as Fox News’ Laura Ingraham in a bit about the massive caravan of immigrants heading toward the southern border.

Alec Baldwin is normally the actor who plays Donald Trump and has been the focus of many cold openings the last couple of years. Baldwin was unavailable this past weekend after being arrested for assaulting someone over a New York parking space. They even took a shot at Alec Baldwin for his recent at the end of the cold opening.

Attacking Fox News is nothing new on Saturday Night Live, but they did stoop to a new low by attacking a war hero.

SNL did a segment on the Weekend update where comedian Pete Davidson made fun of a former Navy Seal who lost his eye in an IED attack while serving over seas.

Davidson made fun of several Republican candidates and picked a lone liberal saying; “Give me a Democrat so I look fair.”

The attacks on Trump and the Republican were relentless on Saturday night. Again during the weekend update segment, Colin Jost and Michael Che talked about the news of the week and were not too kind to the president and those on the right.

Saturday Night Live is doing what they can to influence the midterm elections, but why? Without Republicans and Trump, what in the world are they going to make fun of each weekend?

Do you think that SNL will have any influence on the elections are they just making jokes for other liberals? Let us know in the comments below.


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