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Defend Republicans And ANTIFA Could Show Up At Your House

Home Invasion
Mobs... it's just how Dems do things these days.

Politics has always been a nasty game, but there was a line of respect that people just didn’t cross, until very recently. Now if you speak up in support of the right you could have ANTIFA outside your door calling you a, “racist scumbag” and told to “leave town” in front of all your neighbors.

That is exactly what happened to Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Outside of the alleged DC home of Carlson, a group associated with ANTIFA congregated to yell out chants about not letting him sleep.

Strangely nobody came to the door of the house as Tucker was at the Fox Studios preparing for his nightly show. Members of the crowd tweeted videos of the event, but many of those accounts have been deleted or suspended by Twitter.

This is getting out of hand. Tucker Carlson isn’t even a politician.

Several Republicans have been kicked out of Restaurants or confronted on street corners and elevators. There was once a level of civility, but that has almost completely eroded from the political landscape.

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Here is a video of CNN discussing what happened to Ted Cruz and how frequent this is becoming.

Speaking up and having a voice in America is important, but standing outside of peoples homes in the night calling them a racist isn’t going to help. Actions like these will only hurt our country. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.


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