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“Death To America” Chants Become “Death To The Dictator”


Iran has been a threat to America and her allies for many years, but things are changing as protests of angry citizens take to the streets across the Muslim nation.

For over a decade the Iranians have been shouting “death to America”. Massive groups of Iranians would gather and protest. Here is one video where thousands chant, “death to America”.

Just this past May, Iranian leaders burned an American flag and shouted, “death to America”.

For the past three days, the chants have been different. The people of Iran are turning on their dictator. Chants that were once “death to America” are not being replaced with “death to dictator”.

One women speaking to Arab News said that Theresa May should follow America’s example and support the people’s protest of the Iranian leaders.

The people want “complete regime change”, according to one woman interviewed in the above video. The protestors have been met with tear gas and a large police response, yet they have continued for three days with no end in sight.

President Trump declared his support of the Iranian citizens who are protesting, despite a backlash from the media. A move some said could hurt the president, but it looks like it is working for now. The citizens are no longer calling for “death to America”, they are now yelling “down with the dictator” and that is a good start.

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