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Dating in the Trump Era

Austin Petersen
Is it just me, or is it... getting a little bit steamy in here?

“Swipe Left if you voted for Trump”

Have you seen this on a dating app lately? Is it annoying, or the inevitable consequence you suffer as a perpetrator of the patriarchy? Can it be both? One person thinks she knows. She’s a life and sex coach, thank you. Kristen Thomas is the owner of Open the Doors Coaching and she coaches couples and singles on intimacy and relationship issues. She’s also an admitted flaming liberal, which is great! The host of The Freedom Report Austin Petersen, is a flaming libertarian.

Petersen and Thomas, best buds since high school, discuss the trials and travails of dating in the era of Trump. Can we make cross-ideological dating work like interracial and intersex couples? Is that possible in this superheated political environment of sexual tensions and division? All that and more on this special episode of the Freedom Report podcast.


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