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WATCH: Dan Rodimer’s Helicopter Hog Sniping Campaign Ad

Texas 6th Congressional District candidate Dan Rodimer just released a viral campaign ad, following his now famous “Make America Texas Again” video, where he calls out Congress for being “power hungry politicians who are threatening our way of life.” Election day is May 1st.

“I’m excited for election day. There is a palpable excitement surrounding our campaign for Congress and our momentum just keeps on building. We have continued to release videos that keep the district engaged and people walk up to me on the street here just to talk about them,” says Rodimer.

In the advertisement, Rodimer declares that Congress “piggybacks off the American taxpayer to fund the radical leftwing agenda.”  He continues, “they feed off our families, they feed from our paychecks, they steal from our businesses,” and in order “to feed tyranny and communism.”

Rodimer also calls out liberals in Congress for “open borders, endless wars and complete government control,” while calling up a dog named MAGA onto his ATV. He drives away, declaring that “Congress has taken control over our economy, control over our school districts, control over our churches, control over our businesses, control over our oil and control over our guns.”

Rodimer asserts that he “is running for Congress to put an end to this hogwash,” while hogs play a prominent role in the video. He says he will “strip power from the federal government and return it to where it belongs,” which, he says, is the American people. 

Rodimer believes that we should decide what’s best for our families, how to spend our own money and that “we damn sure decide which guns to own.” He ends by declaring that “it’s time to cut the pork.”

Dan Rodimer has made it a key point of his campaign to stop the open borders policy Joe Biden initiated when he undid former President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, by enactment of his proposed Angel Act, which would codify Trump’s policy.  He also supports the Right to Life, securing Texas’ power grid for the future, standing behind our law enforcement personnel and the military, removing Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker and our Second Amendment rights.

“Our campaign is the only one that has ever been endorsed by President Trump in this race. I will go to Washington and stand up to Nancy Pelosi and her puppets in Congress so that we can finally cut the pork in Washington. That’s why we released this video,” said Rodimer.

This past weekend, Rodimer held his “Wrestle for Your Rights” event in the district. The family event was attended by over 700 guests getting to see such WWE stars as Daniel Puder, Doug Basham, Knox County Mayor Glenn “Kane” Jacobs and many more. This event was held in Mansfield, Texas, last Saturday.

Early voting for the District 6 race has begun and runs through April 27. Voting Day is May 1, 2021. 


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