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Crime Up 700% In Pelosi’s District

Nancy Pelosi has a lot of control in Washington, but in the city of San Fransisco, thieves are pushing the city to its limits.

Car break-ins are up over 700%.

In fact, residents of San Fransisco are leaving the city at a very fast rate. People are moving away 30% faster than they were in 2019.

What is Nancy Pelosi doing in her district to clean things up?

Well, she is focusing on the January 6th incident at the Capitol.

She said, “The sheer scale of violence that day was shocking,” but is ignoring the crime that is plaguing the largest city in her district. It seems that politicians would rather argue on past events than fix today’s problems.

Even the residents, who lean left, want more policing during the crime rise. The liberal agenda to “de-fund the police” appears to be the opposite of what Pelosi’s district want.

De-funding the police seems good on paper, until crime is up 700% in your town. Maybe continuing to vote for Nancy Pelosi seems like a good idea on paper, but when your hometown is riddled with crime, it might be time to take action.


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