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Crime Plummets On Colleges With Concealed Carry

College Campus
"But the criminals could get hurt! Oh no!' - Liberal Hippies

The University of Kansas didn’t give into the anti-gun hysteria.

Instead, six months ago, they allowed students, professors, and staff with concealed carry permits to bring their firearms onto campus.

Now? The crime rate has plummeted—with KU Office of Public Safety reporting that criminal offenses have declined from 770 incidents in 2016 to 671 over the past year. That’s a decrease of 13 percent, and correlates with the new concealed carry rule.

Further, the number of weapons violations has fallen to 0—even though there are, likely, more weapons on campus.

As politicians on Capitol Hill continue their desperate efforts to chip away at the Second Amendment and ban some guns altogether, it’s clear that facts are not on their side.

As they saw at the University of Kansas, knowing that other people in the room might be armed could just be the thing that stops bad people from doing bad things.


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