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Cory Booker’s Grandstanding Could Position Him To Be The Next Obama

cory booker

The Democrats suffered an incredible defeat in November by losing the presidency, the senate and the house majority. They are likely going to miss out on appointing the next two or three Supreme Court justices too.

What is next for the Democrats and who are they going to start grooming to for the next presidential election. Hillary will be 74 for the next election and Bernie will almost 80 years old.

They need some fresh blood and that is where Cory Booker comes in. Cory was the only black Democrat Senator until Kamala Harris won in November and sworn in on January of this year. He is from New Jersey and some Democrats think that he has what it takes to become president.

Wednesday, Cory Booker did something that no Senator has ever done. He spoke out against Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and begged other senators to disqualify Sessions due to his civil rights record.

“The arc of the moral universe does not just naturally curve toward justice, we must bend it. America needs an attorney general who is resolute and determined to bend the arc. Sen. Sessions record does not speak to that desire, intention or will.”

For the first time a seated senator testified against another sitting senator for a cabinet position.

In the eyes of many on the right, Democrats are using Booker to do whatever they can to try and trip Trump up.

In the eyes of many on the left, Cory is establishing credibility as someone who will stand up against Trump. Die-hard Democrats want nothing more than to see Trump removed as soon as possible.

The act of standing in defiance of the president elect’s picks is a lot like when Ted Cruz filibustered ObamaCare for nearly 21 hours in 2013.

Cory also got a key spot during the Democratic Convention over the summer. Conventions are often used to spotlight people in the party with higher ambitions.

At this point it seems that the Democratic Party has big plans for Cory Booker. Trump should expect Booker to be a thorn in his side for the next four years, and we as Americans should expect to see a lot more coverage of Cory Booker.

What are your thoughts on the senator from New Jersey testifying against Jeff Sessions? Do you think Cory Booker has what it takes to be the next Democrat to win the office of president after Obama? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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