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Communist Cadet Gets Kicked Out Of Army

Communism is sooooo 60 years ago...

Spenser Rapone famously posed in full military uniform at his West Point graduation in September with the words “Communism Will Win” written on the inside of his hat.

Now, the stunt has officially gotten him kicked out of the Army.

Rapone has received an “Other Than Honorable” discharge.

The news came via an announcement that Rapone would be a speaker at the Socialism 2018 conference in Chicago next month.

The bio supplied by the conference described Rapone:

“Deciding he could no longer stomach the immorality of US imperialism, he spoke out against the reprehensible actions of the military in September 2017. He ultimately resigned his commission, and was separated from the Army in June 2018 with an Other Than Honorable discharge.”

Rapone’s stunt last year—along with a number of derogatory statements about Vie President Mike Pence and Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis—earned him the ire of leaders in Washington.

Marco Rubio wrote a letter directly to the Army Secretary asking for them to boot Rapone out of the Army and force him to repay the government for the cost of his West Point education.

It’s unclear whether or not Rapone will have to pay back tuition, but it’s clear that the military has sent him packing.


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